Dell plans a greener and cheaper approach to computer packaging

green-globeDell has announced a new approach to computer packaging that will save the company an estimated $8 million or more while eliminating around 20 million pounds of packaging materials over the next four years. The company plans to reduce desktop and laptop packaging materials by approximately 10 percent worldwide, increase sustainable content in cushioning and corrugate packaging by 40 percent, and ensure that 75 percent of packaging components are curbside recyclable by 2012. Nice!

This is the latest of several initiatives we’ve seen from Dell since the company announced it was going green with LED backlighting in September and in August when the company became completely carbon neutral when it comes to their energy use. What a green year for Dell!

I’m sure we’ll see more PC manufacturers model this packaging approach in the near future, however, this raises a curious thought in my mind: if this new approach wouldn’t save money for Dell, would they be doing it anyways to save the planet/appear socially responsible? Probably not.