Wireless keypad for extreme ten-keyers


Ten-key enthusiasts, prepare for Brando to rock… your… world. For $37, you can get a wireless (wireless!!!) numeric keypad, effectively allowing you to ten-key on uneven terrain, underground, or from over thirty feet away from your computer — like while skydiving, for instance, except your computer is skydiving near you but far enough away that hooking up a USB-connected number pad would be way too dangerous. Extreme!

That’s it, what a rush.

No, wait! There’s more! It’s also got a built-in trackball (called a "Tracking Ball" by Brando) plus left and right mouse buttons. Whoa. Mind? Blown.

Well that’s quite an impressive feature list for $37 and it should keep you busy for quite some–OH MY GOD, music buttons too?!! Extremer! And shortcut buttons! And a zoom button!

19 keys + 13 hotkeys = too many total keys to count. Head? Explodes!

Brando USB Wireless Keypad with Tracking Ball [via Mobility Site]