Yamaha Japan rolls out another three electric bikes


It seems that electric bikes have gained significant momentum in the last few months on the market for “green” products, especially in Japan where Yamaha just announced a total of three new models [JP].

The company already offers a number of Japan-only electric bikes and is now to release the PAS Lithium S (pictured above), the PAS CITY-S and the PAS CITY-F on February 5.

All bikes will come with the same price tag: $1,200 and the differences between the different models are miniscule. For example, there will be slight differences in the colors the bikes are available in, sizes (versions from 24 to 27 inches are planned) and weight. All models are powered by a lithium-ion battery (25.2V / 4Ah).

With one charge, the assisted travel range can reach up to 39km when riding in standard mode, 21km in power mode and 67 km in auto-eco plus mode.