According to this chump, you'll hate Win7 if you dig WinXP

windows_7Some people are petrified of change. It scares them. Jason Perlow, of ZDNet fame, is one of them. The self-proclaimed Tech Broiler has been playing with Windows 7 Beta 1 for a few days and doesn’t like what he sees and in true Internet fashion, proclaims it in a blogging rant. After reading through his whining post, I’ve came to the conclusion that you’ll hate Windows 7 only if you cannot deal with simple UI changes.

You see, Windows 7 builds upon the Vista user interface which Mr. Perlow seems never to have used. Yes, the Start Menu is the double column type and at least in the Beta version of Win7, cannot be changed to the 1995-era style. Also, a fresh install of Win7 produces a clean and icon free desktop. That’s a bad thing, Perlow? Why? It’s quicker and faster to click on the Start Menu and use the icons there rather than minimizing all the screens to reach My Documents.

His chief complaint is that the Run link has been removed from the Start Menu and replaced with the vastly superior Search Bar. Now you do not need to type in the target items complete file name. Sure, it’s different, but my god buddy, get off your high horse and give change a chance. (sounds like a November-ish mantra)

Yes, Windows 7 is different than Windows XP and some diehard users will bitch until SP2. That’s just the way the computer world works. I, for one, understand that if you don’t like it, don’t run it. Uninstall the OS, curse Microsoft, and regress to Windows XP – or OS X.