Elevator Pitch Friday: Toksta's Browser-Based IM (With Free Puppies)

Today’s featured Elevator Pitch comes from Toksta, a browser-based instant message/chat client that can be integrated into most websites with only a few snippets of code. The service supports text, voice, and video (Flash is required for the latter two), and is free. The site generates revenue by placing ads in the browser-based chat windows, and allows site owners to participate in a revenue sharing agreement (you can also pay for a premium, ad-free whitelabel version).

The site is up against a few other services (like meebo’s recently launched Community IM), but its voice and video offerings may help set it apart. You can try the chat out for yourself on MyHappyPlanet, where you’ll need to register an account first. In practice it seems to work pretty well, though the ads (which can include audio) can be a bit jarring.

Oh yeah, according to the pitch the first 10 people to sign up will apparently get a free puppy, sent “via mail” (I sincerely hope that he is joking). If you’d like a puppy though, you can get one for free here (you won’t regret it).