Internet Explorer bleeding market share


Preliminary statistics from Net Application show that Internet Explorer is losing more ground in the internet browser battle. It’s not really surprising as Firefox, Safari and Chrome are all gaining popularity.¬†

Internet Explorer usage dropped from 71.27 percent in October to 68.15 percent in December. Firefox went up to 21.34 percent, up 1.37 percent from 19.97 percent in October. Safari market share moved from 6.57 to 7.93 percent and Google Chrome from 0.74 to 1.04 percent. Opera did not move though, staying at 0.71 percent. 

Net Applications does warn that the results may be skewed by the decrease in workplace use of computers. Still, there was a definite drop in IE market share. One thing that might have fueled this drop is an increase in Mac OS X and iPhone usage, both of which spark increases in Safari usage. Also, with Google discouraging use of IE market share will only continue to go down, as it has for years.

[via PCWorld]