CrunchDeals: Digital TV converter box free after coupon


Which will be worse, the impending shift to all-digital TV or the impending pole shift that’ll wipe out most, if not all, life on Earth as we know it? Both are coming soon and both are causing people to panic, although the TV one is causing more panic thanks to the nonsensical commercials, non-stop news coverage, and the thought of not being able to watch TV.

The government attempts to quell everyone’s TV fears by offering $40 coupons good towards analog-to-digital converter boxes. And guess what? CompUSA just happens to be selling a converter box for $40.01 – what luck!

You can get the box here, your coupons here, and read our transition guide here. I’ll let you read up on the pole shift stuff yourself. This is a gadget blog, after all.

[via dealnews]