VAIO P specs continue to seep out of the Interwebs


Sony’s doing a damn fine job generating buzz ’bout their upcoming 8-inch netbook/UMPC with gradual leaks and such. We already knew that the VAIO Pocket will be powered by an 1.33GHz Atom CPU along with the rest of the specs. (missed that post? it was on Christmas day) The latest leak finally reveals the price and a few more technical details.

It seems that the tiny, WinXP machine is going to cost ya around a grand – €700  or $974 to be exact. A 3G WWAN card and GPS might sweeten the deal a bit more but for just under $1,000, you will be purchasing an 8-inch, Atom-powered notebook. Seems to be priced a tad over market. Then again, Apple’s netbook, the Air, starts at $1799 and it seems to be selling alright. Eh, Biggs? 

Alright, so now where are some more pics? Those FCC and keyboard shots don’t cut it. Perhaps next week at CES ’09? Maybe, maybe.

image via Pocketables