Mysterious screenshots of a Zii device interface

Fire the Zii device!
“But my lord! We still have men on the ground!”
“Silence, fool! Move the X-Fi gunships out of the area and prepare the Audigy for a ground assault. And fire the thing.”
“We don’t even know what its effect is, my lord!”
“Lieutenant, everything you know is about to change.”

At least, that’s the kind of situation I like to imagine when I think of Creative’s less-than-creatively-named-and-logo’d Zii devices, whatever they are. EpiZENter, a Creative devices news site, got these little shots in their inbox, and they share my skepticism. What exactly is it that is different about this interface?

If you’ll allow a bit of speculation on my part, I’d say that this “stemcell computing” thing is a way of saying that their new generation of stuff is going to be flexible and modular. This little interface doesn’t really reflect that, so I’m going to go ahead and give this one a hearty “eh.”