Psyko's 5.1 headphones are totally insane

I’ve tried on some true surround-sound headphones before, and let me tell you that it really does make a difference. The ones I tried though, although they sported multiple speakers within the cups, aren’t nearly as radical as this setup from Psyko Audio. How would you like to actually have speakers all around your head?

The Psyko solution, it must be said, will almost certainly be met with a certain level of skepticism. After all, it’s difficult to look at the following diagram and say to yourself, pulling your goatee, “Yes… yes, that should work just fine.”

top-image_loresBut they appear to have won awards, and audio engineers I’ve found are very serious in their work. Except for the very high end, where the improvement in sound is probably for the most part invented, these people really love their technology and want to make you experience it. Ultrasone for instance is a big believer in their S-Logic technique of bouncing the sound off your pinna. Psyko takes it a step further, actually shooting the sound along a “waveguide,” which sounds more like a helper mermaid than audio tech.

They also let you choose whether you want closed or vented ear cups, which is a relief, and they tout the comfort of the headset, although to me it looks bulky and heavy. That’s just a first impression, though. They’ll cost $300, which is above my price point, but if they’re a replacement for a full 5.1 system they may just be worth it.

Anyhow, I’ll believe it when I hear it, and that should be in the next couple of days. I’m looking forward to it.