RIAA drops MediaSentry in its war on piracy


We applauded, in a non-literaly sense, the RIAA’s decision to stop with its willy nilly John Doe lawsuits. We applaud today, also in a non-literal sense, the RIAA’s decision to drop MediaSentry, the busybody firm that caught music pirates “red handed.”

The drop actually happened several months ago, which shows how secretive and sinister the RIAA truly is. ::cough::

With MediaSentry, which was a business built around—and here’s the genius part—downloading songs from your share folder, then using that transaction as evidence of your malfeasance, now out of the picture, the RIAA has turned to DtecNet Software, which is based in Denmark.

Curiously, the RIAA hasn’t said why it dropped MediaDefender. Let’s speculate recklessly, then!