SanDisk announces push button backup flash drive. Hold me back!

SanDisk announced today that they are creating a USB thumb drive based backup system, where you essentially plug the drive into your computer, and then push the button. The drive will then magically back up your files using their new software. Sounds like a good option for mom and dad… or baby. Above you see the new Ultra Backup drive, which will come in flavors up to 64GB.
The iconic Cruzer is also getting a makeover, although not too major of one. It’ll retain its usual abilities but look a little nicer. –>

[Editor’s note: We’d like to ask that SanDisk send pictures of the actual objects they will be selling and not CG renders. Unless you guys live in Immaculate City in Uncanny Valley and those are the real thing. In which case you’re creeping us out, SanDisk. -Ed.]