CES 2009: Brief hands-on with HP's Dv2

This thing just popped up on the radar yesterday, and I really liked the look of it. I saw it at the HP booth at Unveiled, and thought I’d take a quick video. They do a really good job of keeping the lighting nice and dim in the ballroom, so it should be blurry and orangey the way we all like it. Couple extra pictures, too, but slightly more white-balanced.

The Dv2 is pretty much as I described it earlier. It’s light, but more importantly it has a thin and not-too-wide footprint. Very easy to slip into a small bag. It didn’t seem to be working overtime to run Vista because it was cool to the touch. The trackpad (which I call the keyboard in the video) is chromed and looks really slick.

I’m looking forward to feeling up a review unit of this sucker, and you guys should be looking forward to checking one out to buy come March or April.