iLife '09: Faces and Places

The new version if iLife will include a new version of iPhoto with facial recognition called Faces, allowing you to select images based on the faces of the subjects. Another system, called Places, uses embedded GPS data to place your subjects on a map.

Facebook and Flickr compatibility an interesting addition to iPhoto which begs the question regarding popularity: folks don’t want to pay for online sharing when it comes for free. New new version will also have updated slideshow templates.

iMovie is also getting a makeover. The new version allows you to make automated travel maps – import a set of geotagged photos and create a travelogue of your adventures. Auto image stabilization will reduce shaky-cam while offering high-precision editing of content. Video speed changes are finally back with slow-motion and fast-motion options part of the package.

The new GarageBand includes artist lessons, nine lessons from musical greats on guitar and piano. The lessons will cost $4.99. The new iLife will be available later this month.