Panasonic announces Blu-ray standard for 3D movies in HD


I am wondering if this news will ever be of significance but here we go: The Nikkei, Japan’s largest business newspaper, is reporting today that Panasonic has set a new standard for Blu-rays that are capable of reproducing 3D images in HD (the picture above shows an older Panasonic plasma 3D TV).

Users will be able to see images alternately with the left and red eye at a combined speed of 120 fps. The result is a 3D effect in HD achieved in the home that’s comparable to the one experienced in movie theaters. Special 3D glasses are needed to view the images.

Panasonic apparently wants to urge Hollywood and other electronics companies to adopt the standard in the near future. The company plans to open an office in Hollywood as early as next month to test the technology and do lobby work.

Currently, Panasonic is thinking about offering Blu-ray players and TVs suitable for the 3D standard in 2010.

Via Nikkei [registration required, paid subscription]