REDFLY goes Android.. sort of

As a CPU-less, OS-less, storage-less extension of Windows Mobile handsets, the REDFLY is a topic of a fair share of debate; is it a useful godsend, or useless bunk? No one really seems to be on the fence about it – you either love the idea immediately, or just don’t see the ppoint. As Devin of CG put it in his (positive) review, “if you need convincing, it’s probably not for you.”

That said, this newest bit of news did manage to convince me, a long time skeptic. According to a concept-only video released today, the folks behind the Redfly have managed to coax the G1 to play friendly with the mobile-to-psuedo-netbook. They’ve tweaked it to run at 800×480 and have pushed in basic mouse cursor support and, well, I want it. We’ve spent a whole lot of time with WinMo, and the idea of bumping WinMo into a bigger package just doesn’t make sense. Android, however – we’d be into that. Word is this thing will be on the floor at CES, so we’ll keep an eye out.

[Via jkOnTheRun]