Ultimate Ears pushes out economical noise-isolating in-ears, Metro.fi 170 and 220


Like the Metro.fi 2s that Mike reviewed way back when, the Metro.fi 170 (pictured above) and 220s appear to be great alternatives to the overpriced earbuds that everyone and their mother seems to hocking these days. Each provides 16 dBs of noise isolation with the packaged silicone tips. If they’re anything like the ones that come with the higher-end models like the Triple.fi 10vi or Super.fi 5s then you’re in for a real treat. Three different sized sets come packaged so the majority of folks are covered.

The distinction between the 170 and 220 seems to come down to higher frequencies, which the 220 handles better and adds extra bass and better treble. Like the Super.fi 5s I reviewed last year, both the Metro.fi 170 and 220 have a red right-side earphone and come with a carrying case. Both the 170 and 220 are also available as phone-compatible models and are denoted by the ‘vi’ nomenclature.

The Metro.Fi 170 will retail for $50 and the 220 will go for $80. Just add $10 to each if you’re interested in the vi models. All four models are expected to hit store shelves this month.