Wowwee's CES offerings are very interesting


From the makers of those superfluous robotic toys comes a handful of useful and rather interesting offerings for this year’s CES. A DLP pico projector that bends 90-degrees? Hell yes. That’s the Cinemin Swivel. The Cinemin Stick is a little smaller and takes SD cards, but doesn’t bend over backward. There’s also an iPod dock dubbed the Cinemin Station. Did I mention the 3-hour battery life on the Swivel?


Next up is the Spyball. It’s a RC, Wi-Fi enabled robotic ball that you’re going to use to spy on people. It rotates 360-degrees and conceals a tiny spy camera so you take video or take images. Pervert. You can control the Spyball remotely and hook it up Ad-hoc-style over Wi-Fi.


And last but not least are some robots. Meet Joebot and Roborover. OMG. Joebot can beatbox and dance. But he’s more than just a pretty face. He even battles your TV controller (over IR). Roborover is a bit shy and not as outgoing as Joebot. He wants to get to you know before he shows his true colors. Wussy.