LED backlit HDTVs from Samsung, now with 240Hz Update: Live pics

samsung-series-8-8000-led-hdtvs-frontThese new HDTVs from Samsung will consume 40 percent less energy than other, non-LED TVs of same size. That’s good because watching TV will kill Earth slower (it’s not especially “green”), allowing us to look at the “LEDs produce darker blacks that appear endlessly deep to the eye” a bit longer. Endlessly deep! Reduced motion blur and image judder, Auto Motion Plus™ frame interpolation technology. Words. They are great to look at.


Samsung also wants to “redefine what it means to watch television” with Internet@TV – Content Service they developed with Yahoo. The Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection will be featured in the 7000 and 8000 series. It seems like they’ve put a simple widget-based OS in the TV so you can access YouTube, Flickr and more. Oh, I almost forgot that these devices will feature a refresh rate of 240Hz and that’s four two times the rate of other TVs.[PSGallery=1ke7mbuggb]