Redfly pushes back, offers PC functionality and something else that is mysterious

The Redfly is a cool little device, but while it worked perfectly I was afraid it would quickly find itself unnecessary in a world where you can get a full-featured Atom-powered netbook for the same price and with the same small size. Redfly seems to have noticed that and they’re bringing some interesting stuff to the market.

The problem with the Redfly device wasn’t that it didn’t work, but that it was just too limited. Celio is now going to be offering software that can be run on a suitably-sized laptop or netbook that will allow you to dual-boot your hardware, so you’ve got the best of both worlds. I can’t imagine the Redfly stuff takes up more than a gig at the very most. That alone is a solid product — in a limited connectivity situation, tethering may be difficult or not useful, but using your smartphone to the maximum of its capabilities may be a great idea.

Another interesting thing they’ve got going on is what they’re stressing is a “proof of concept” for Android compatibility. Obviously it’s not quite ready for the living room, but hey, it’s stretching right and the cursor works. That’s good news by any measure. They haven’t given a date (they’re emphatic about the fact that there’s no timeline) but that doesn’t mean I can’t look forward to the day I get to try it out.


Lastly they’ve got a device that, well, I’m not quite sure exactly what it does. Says here, “enables projectors, office kiosks, and commercial applications to use any display, keyboard and mouse with just a smartphone.” Okay. I believe that means it’s going to be using a smartphone as an interface device. In any case, it’s one of the things we’ll be able to see and touch pretty soon, so we’ll get you more info ASAP.