Samsung announces the MBP200 pico projector


What’d I tell you last night? Didn’t I say TI’s DLP pico projectors would make a splash at CES this year?

The MBP200 can be connected to your phone, laptop or even gaming system and is capable of throwing up a 50-inch viewing screen or an image as small as a sheet of paper. But it’s not just a companion doodad as the SD card slot enables it to work as a standalone entertainment center. Or you can show a PPT presentation.

The MBP200 features touchpad controls and a 2.2-inch QVGA LCD screen. The projector comes along with a small screen holder that has a hidden telescoping arm so that you can make a screen out of a sheet of paper if you need to.

No details on price, but Samsung says it will be available later this year.