SanDisk's slotRadio comes with 1,000 pre-loaded songs


SanDisk thinks the current setup of plugging your mp3 player into you computer to load up on songs is far too complicated. Okay. That’s why it’s using CES to introduce the slotRadio, a 1GB flash-based music player that comes pre-loaded songs.

The slotRadio’s 1GB of storage holds such 1,000 songs. Big songs, too. Like, Billboard-big. SanDisk will sell separate flash cards: cards organized by artist, genre, etc.

SanDisk wants $99.99 (say that price in your best QVC voice) for the device, which has a 1.5 OLED screen. For the anti-iPod in you.

A better pic should be forthcoming. Sorry about that.

via Oled-Display