Secure Digital EXTREME Extended Capacity holds up to 2 TB

The venerable Secure Digital memory card is getting a refresh at CES this year. The new SDXC — Secure Digital Extended Copy — will hold up to 2 terabytes of data, and promises transfer speeds of up to 300MB/sec. That’s 4,000 images in super-uncompressed RAW format, or 17,000 finely compressed JPEGs.

The utility for point-and-shoot camera owners is probably limited — I mean, who wants to navigate through even a couple hundred JPEGs on a camera’s crappy interface? The big score here is for digital camcorders. Lots of capacity means lots of time to record HD video. The faster transfer speeds of SDXC should make video recording, and editing, a much better prospect for the consumer market.

Or you could just buy a couple of these and use them as your backup solution. Copy all your data on one, mail it to a friend or relative in another city, and you have your off-site backup.

Via DailyTech