Sony's P-series Vaios are sexy little things

So these little P-series things are looking kind of weird, and kind of hot. I’m being pulled in two different directions. The screen aspect ratio is ridiculous: at 8″ and 1600×768 it’s just over 2:1, which is… pretty freakin wide.

They may be tiny, but they’ve got guts: they’ll run Vista (barely, with a 1.33GHz Atom) and they’ve got GPS built-in, but it looks like you’re paying for the featherlight 1.4lb curb weight and tiny form factor with battery life. It boasts a mighty four hours of battery unless you get the battery add-on. It’ll have a 128GB flash hard drive and 2GB of RAM. That’s actually looking like kind of a bargain, which I think we can all agree is rare from Sony. Maybe it isn’t. Maybe instead of “world’s lightest 8-inch laptop” they should have announced it’s the “world’s weakest $900 laptop.”

Either way, you can take a closer look here at the Sony site.