Toshiba 2009 CES Press Event

 toshibaPoor Toshiba. While every other major CE player is introducing 4th and 5th gen Blu-ray players, Toshiba is still ignoring the winning format. The company does, however, have some nice flat screens coming out in 2009 with widgets powered by Intel and Yahoo that’s going to work nicely with Windows Media Center. The rest of the mundane are simply too mundane to be worth your time. Oh, how about CELL TVs?
toshiba2 Most importantly is the SV670 flagship line with a design inspired by an infinity pool – you know, those pools that look like they continue into oblivion. It’s packed with 1080p, LED lighting, local dimming and comes in 46 & 54.6-inch sizes. Pricing isn’t available but these sets are dropping sometime in May ’09.

Toshiba also plans to work Dolby Volume into select flatscreens. Said system, works well at regulating and controlling the sound curve of TV volume.

The rest of the lineup, ZV650, XV645, AV600, are just your standard, Best Buy lineups that are dropping sometime in Spring ’09. Hopefully, pricing will become available shortly. 

Toshiba is launching new DVD players that someone might just buy. If that random Wal-Mart shopper actually has a network, they can enjoy some of the previously mentioned widgets and a Windows Media Center extender. Pricing starts at $39.99 for the SD4200 and $59.99 for the SD7200.

Hands-on to come shortly.

CELL TV. It’s a set top box from Krypton. 3D interface, 6 HD recording streams, High Speed access. Looks promising. Hands on of that coming for sure.