Wear your video camera

VIEVU unveiled at CES 2009 two new wearable video cameras, the consumer-oriented PVR-PRO 2 and the law-enforcement oriented PVR LE2. Both feature a 4GB capacity and battery capacity for up to 4 hours of recording 640×480 color video, and are waterproof. Special VIEVU software makes the video from the LE2 tamper-proof. At $400 for the PRO 2 model, these aren’t for the casual lifecaster.


The VIEVU PVR-PRO is a WEARABLE video recording device for use by consumers and professionals wishing to capture their daily events or protect themselves from liability. The design enables the camera to be attached to the user so that their perspective is captured during their routine daily events. The video files are downloaded to a PC via simple drag-and-drop. Once transferred, the files can be edited or uploaded to your favorite video sharing site. The camera operates via an on/off switch which also serves as a lens cover. The VIEVU PVR-PRO can record and store approximately 4 hours of video and audio in SVGA quality format.


The VIEVU PVR LE 2 is a WEARABLE video recording device designed specifically for use by law enforcement. The unit attaches to an individual officer using our tri-clip design, and records police activity from the officers perspective. Vital evidence and documentation is captured that assists the officer in their reporting and provides evidence for later use in court. Traditional in-car systems only capture what happens near the patrol car. Law enforcement officers know that most police work occurs away from their car, inside businesses, homes, schools, etc. The VIEVU PVR LE 2 allows officers to capture video evidence of all their police activities. The video files are easily transferred to a PC, via the VIEVU VERIPATROL software, by connecting the device to a computer. The transfer occurs automatically. Once downloaded, the officer can view the video files to aid in reporting. The software prevents tampering with any video file and provides a chain of evidence log

Via I4U.