WTF are up with all these super duper thin HDTVs?


By raise of hands, who else thinks that all these anorexically thin HDTVs are dumb? LG’s latest set measures only 6.5mm thick and Sony’s isn’t that much more thick. (pictured)

Who the hell cares Though? Why is HDTV’s latest cockfight over TV thickness? This also applies to Blu-ray/DVD players too, btw.

I have never heard anyone complain that their flat screen is too thin? Most measure in around 1.5-2.5-inches and that’s fine with me. I have absolutely zero desire for a TV that’s measured in millimeters.

What are you suppose to do with it? Hang it on the wall and make it look like a poster? Generally, when teenagers grow into adults, the posters taped to the wall come down and are replaced with framed paintings. That frame gives the painting depth and character that simply taping the same picture on the wall cannot. 

The same thing will happen if you hang an HDTV millimeters from the wall. It’s going to look like crap on the majority of walls. Unless you’re style runs along the same lines as Moby or your deco is modern techno-crap, an HDTV that has depth and character will look so much better. 

This CES is sure to be full of ‘Thinnest ever!” and “Thin is in!” slogans, but I could care less. A flat screen that’s 3-inches deep has the same value to me as one that’s 3mm deep. This is one pissing match I could care less about. (that doesn’t sound right…)