Yahoo and Samsung getting Widgety together


At the Samsung press conference earlier today at CES 2009, Yahoo’s involvement with Samsung’s new HDTV line was revealed to be an integrated system of Widgets, based on a new Konfabulator engine. They went through it very briefly, but Flickr, news, finance, and other Yahoo services are fully available and integrated into an on-screen display, for use during usual TV watching. They call it Medi@ 2.0, a wholly buzz-oriented name, but you’ll probably just call it “Yahoo TV” or “The Stocks.”

Here’s a video of the interface in action — dramatized, it looks like, but a good indicator of what it should look like on your Samsung, should you choose to accept one. (Update: I talked to Samsung, they say it’s pretty much good to go. It’s still only working on prototype TVs right now, however.)