You'll be able to mount this Samsung Blu-ray player on your wall


Let’s strip this information of all unnecessary fluff. Samsung makes Blu-ray players, among other things. Its “big one” this year is actually two models, the BD-P4600 (above) and BD-P3600. You can mount the BD-P4600 on your wall, and the BD-P3600 is the top-end traditional set-top model. Have a peach.

Right, so the BD-P4600’s biggest claim to fame is that you can mount it on your wall; its thinness (1.5 inches at its widest point), as seen here, is evidence of that. Aside from that it’s your standard Profile 2.0 Blu-ray player: BD-Live, Bonus View, a bit of standard DVD upscaling, Wi-Fi connectivity (via a USB dongle), etc.

As for the BD-P3600, it’s more what you’re used to seeing, that is, a standard under-the-TV Blu-ray player. Similar specs, too: Profile 2.0, yada yada yada. In fact, save for the wall-mounting, nothing separates the two (except, maybe, for price, which hasn’t been revealed just yet).

Again, the crucial info—price and release date—is conveniently being withheld. Why bother, then, teasing us, I wonder.