Apex racing cage with triple screen is the biggest gaming accessory ever

Well, maybe not the biggest ever (Tekken on IMAX!) or the most original, but with all its chromoly-steel construction and tubey good looks, I just had to put it up. I’d like bigger screens, personally, and they were playing a kind of lackluster racer, but the device itself was cool. The wheel is Logitech and the pedals… I’m not sure, but there were three and they were big and metal, so it doesn’t matter what brand. If I’m ever super rich, I’ll get one of these instead of a real nice car. You can check them out at Simcraft.com. I love just running into this stuff at CES, thinking it’s cool, and then seeing there are 4 other companies doing the same thing withing 100 feet.

This thing really flipped out when the guy crashed it, it was hilarious. I didn’t catch it on the video though.