Razer's new mouse and headphones look sweet

I’m just going to pop these pictures up quick so you know what they look like, then I’m gonna have my hands all over them a little later today. I’m psyched for the new headphones; I currently use a pair of Razer Piranhas and they’ve been good to me, but I’d be lying if I told you they were the most comfortable pair I ever used. The new Carcharias…es look a little more spacious.

The Mamba can be either wired or wireless, which is crazy and un-Razer-like, but they claim a 1ms response time, which I’m okay with. As usual with these mice, you can’t tell until you get your hands on it whether it’s a decent thing or not, but we’ll soon know that as well. But it looks like it’s taken its design cues from the Death Adder, and believe me that’s a good thing.