The first interoperable Sirius XM is the MiRGE (plus bonus O&A photos)


Sirius XM have finally showed off its first interoperable radio, the MiRGE. It’ll be available this spring for $250, and you’ll be able to subscribe to a new $20 per month plan that gets you “Sirius plus XM Everything” (cool how it’s marketing it as “Sirius plus THAT OTHER COMPANY”). Yes, both services, completely, for $20 per month.

You do have to wonder what the point of such a radio is, though, considering all the channel changes and merges. (Oh, wait, no you don’t: it’s to placate the FCC.) That is to say, with XM Everything + Best of Sirius you’ve pretty much got everything you’d want, except maybe some of the sports channels.

The radio itself doesn’t look to be anything special; nothing about it says 2009 versus, say, 2006, when both companies were still at each other’s throats. You can record up to 60 minutes of programming with it, though. Gee, thanks.

I can’t see too many people plopping down $250 on a satellite radio in this environment. And, really, the only people who’d benefit from it would be new subscribers or folks who need every sports channel ever. Otherwise, hold on to what you’ve got.

Meanwhile, here’s two bonus photos I took from today’s Opie and Anthony show, featuring the nail-biting Guitar Hero showdown between Danny (creator of Secret Show to the Future) and some smug intern named Evan. Evan won, barely.

via Orbitcast[PSGallery=1lu6kwxvhc]