Better hurry: Windows 7 beta now online (now with direct links)

Here’s the Windows 7 beta download link. Go crazy, but not too crazy you don’t want to put an eye out or anything.

UPDATE Well, that link is no longer working; all you get is a page that says “Beta coming soon!” Luckily for you the direct link to the ISO have emerged.

This is the ISO for Windows 7 beta 32-bit: here

This is the ISO for Windows 7 beta 64-bit: here

Thanks to Wired/Steve Clayton/Commenter Anthony for pointing those out. How long those direct links will work, who knows.

I haven’t seen these many people excited over a Windows release, and a beta at that, since walking around the mall on Windows 95 day way back when.

UPDATE 2 According to that Wired link (which may be bad, too, now), this beta is build 7000, which you can find all over the big BitTorrent sites. So, you know, if you can’t get the demo the official way, hint hint.