Hands-on Powermat's five upcoming charging pads

Powermat is finally getting close to releasing its charging pads that we have been spying on for years. The company has five upcoming pads, each aimed for a slightly different use.

Two three port pads, the Bedside and Desk Mat, are obviously aimed at specific users. The Bedside comes in a soft white with a clock that rests on one of the pads. The Desk Mat however, comes in black digs and has a single speaker for your listening pleasure.

Powermat also has a travel unit coming out that folds up nicely into its own case. Just a thought though? Wouldn’t it be just as easy to bring the OEM chargers? Anyway.

The big boy home charger uses a modular design for customization. Each section chargers two devices and can be connected any which way. Plus, the company threw in a little catch-all for your wallet and such.

The PC charging pad ups the power output and utilizes a charging dongle that kind-of shows the downside to these devices; you still have to use a cable to charge many items.[PSGallery=1nm03l3bvq]