One iPhone App that won't be making it into the store: Pocket Walsh

There are some truly useless Twitter apps out there but usually we are spared from seeing the worst, either because they get such bad reviews and fall to the bottom of the listings, or because Apple never accepts them into the App Store. And the same may well be applied to an unnofficial App doing the rounds of the London Tech scene right now. “Pocket Walsh” is an iPhone app developed by Firebox co-founder Tom Boardman with one use only: to randomly select the Twitters of another entrepreneur, Paul Walsh, who heads up Segala and is working on a mobile startup Wubud.

Walsh is now legend for his entirely un-ironic Tweeting, a good example of which is displayed from the app itself, pictured. Clicking the “Impart Wisdom” button displays selects some other choice quotes such as “I live by the ‘work hard, play hard’ motto. But playing so hard is starting to feel like work” and “I am a disrupting, leading innovative solutions provider – no job too big or too small.” In fact, like Vogon poetry, Walsh’s tweets are so bad he even had his own satirical stalker last year in the form of the Walshwatch blog and twitter account which eventually couldn’t keep up and went dead.

No word yet on whether this app will make it into the official store – let’s hope Boardman never submits it.

[Disclaimer: Actually Paul is really not that bad – and much more personable in real life than his Tweets sometimes suggest!].