Palm Pre to get its own "App Catalog"

With the Palm Pre rocking a brand spankin’ new OS and an entirely new development platform, it was pretty foreseeable that Palm would eventually announce plans for a central application store. Apple’s doing it, Google’s doing it, RIM is doing it – if you don’t have an App Store of your own, you’ve got nothing.

Sure enough, Palm has gone ahead and announced to their development network that an on-device application catalog is in the works. Of course, they already have an on-device app store of sorts for other Palm handsets, but we’re going make the assumption that this one will be an actual native application, a la the App Store or Android Market, rather than what is little more than a link to a website. Then again, with the webOS Mojo Framework being fueled by HTML5, CSS, and Javascript, we’re not quite sure what to expect.