The Adamo: It's a laptop

After a few weeks of exciting lead-up we finally see the Adamo, a Dell laptop. It has a screen, keyboard, and touchpad and is clearly so fierce that it must be held at arms length for fear of it exploding on your chest.

These laptops are basically going after the MacBook market, much as the many touchscreen iFauxs we’ve been seeing (Storm, Instinct, etc.) have been going after the iPhone market. In a few months the netbook market will collapse – folks that already have them, well, have them and folks who don’t want them will never buy them – so it’s important for these guys to bring out some laptops that appeal to a general audience, recapturing the delicate space between business laptop – rugged, ugly – and desktop replacement – big, ugly.

Expect more like these in the next few months as laptop makers decide to start making money again.