iFrogz' new headphones – plus a contest (it's over!)

I’ve been thinking of you, dear reader, and that’s why I custom-designed a pair of CrunchGear-colored headphones from iFrogz. I stopped by the booth to pick them up (for you) and found a few new things. They now have fluffy earpieces, which is kind of awesome (and warm), and they are also making a cool little attachment for your iPod so kids can use it without breaking the thing. Having been a preschool teacher for a couple years, I can say that I think it might actually work. Parents, take note.


The silicone case has handles like a sippy cup and a protector for the screen (and maybe for the wheel, I can’t remember). The kid just holds it with both hands and it’s really thick silicone so it just bounces or rolls when you drop it. Apparently one iPod survived being thrown from a moving car in the thing. No iPod Touch version yet or anything like that, but if you’re a digitally minded parent with an old-style iPod, this thing might be worth your while.

ifrogz-0012Now! The contest! I have a pair of Nerve Pipes which I’ve customized to have CrunchGear colors (silver/grey and orange, if you must know). I know you want to show your CG stripes in public, so here’s how you win ’em: just leave a comment telling us what your favorite CES gadget is so far. That’s all! We’ll pick a winner semi-randomly at the end of the weekend. And that’s a lot of “end”s in one sentence.

Update: Contest closed! I’ll announce the winner tomorrow, after I get over this hangover.