Post-Palm Pre, what's up with Android?


Quo vadis, Android? You were pretty much a no-show at CES last week; the Palm Pre is now the gadget geek’s new plaything. (Even I would like to use it for a bit, and my cynicism is crippling.) Mobile World Congress—sort of like CES, but specifically for cellphones—is coming up next month. Will you be there, or be square? (See what I did there?)

Australian telecom Telstra claims that its upcoming HTC, Android-based cellphone is “better and more functional” than Palm’s little upstart. Then Telstra pulls the old “oh it looks nice but it’s not available yet so maybe it’ll stink in real life.” Smacks of desperation, no?

You’ll notice the lack of Windows Mobile being mention here. I think it’s safe to say that, for everyone out there (excepting those who absolutely need to use WinMo for work), WinMo is pretty much irrelevant. It’s all iPhone, Pre and Android from here on out for Mr. Average Consumer.

More generally, how does Google & Co. counter all the goodwill that Palm earned last week? They’re gonna have to run that OSS angle real hard, I think.

via Engadget (YES, ENGADGET)

Photo: Flickr