Western Digital WD TV, tagline contest winners

The number of comments for this contest were overwhelming and thanks to everyone who entered. Unfortunately, we only have three Western Digital WD TV HD Media players to give away. But we selected more than three taglines that will soon rotate through the site. To be perfectly honest, a lot of the entries were disappointing. Crunchy with milk and such? Come on. You guys can do better than that. It’s obvious some of you don’t even read the site since many of you had no idea when CG launched. In any case, without further ado or interruption from the holidays, CES or MacWorld, I present the winners.

because you don’t have time to read the manual.

It’s true, Pito, it’s totally true.

To infinity and not a step further.

Oh, Ted, you had so many great entries, but we could only pick one of them.

Reviewing good, bad and utterly useless gadgets since 2006.

BJ speaks the truth.

Check your inbox, fellas.

Here are some honorable mentions.

Like Shakespeare, a million monkeys with typewriters could write this.

You’re a silly one, Cory.

because Luddites are so last season.

We couldn’t agree more, Rick.

Better than a Hand Puppet.

Damion speaks the truth.