Cable modem hacker charged, pretends to be innocent

cablehackAccording to documents obtained online, the owner of the website is facing federal charges for the sale and distribution of hacked cable modems. While he has multiple disclaimers on his website, they are all carefully worded and have a generous dose of *wink wink* applied.

The feds are going after him mainly because he advertises that the hacked Motorola modems will allow you to get high speed internet from your cable company for free. And while that may sound like a good deal for some, keep in mind that the FBI will soon be in possession of his sales records, and everyone who has purchased one of these modems might find themselves regretting it.

This reminds me of the issues that satellite TV providers had in the past, with the smartcards. And when they figured out what was going on, they went after not just the manufacturers of the hardware, but also anyone who purchased it. Just saying.