Dearest Microsoft, I hacked you. Love, the friendly Russian hacker


An unidentified hacker has sent a friendly surprise to Microsoft beneath a recent variant of the Zlob Trojan, which a French analyst found and forwarded to Microsoft’s security team. This is the second message that Microsoft has received from this hacker, and apparently the last. Here’s the strangely friendly message for your enjoyment:

“For Windows Defender’s Team:
I saw your post in the blog (10-Oct-2008) about my previous message.
Just want to say ‘Hello’ from Russia.
You are really good guys. It was a surprise for me that Microsoft can respond on threats so fast.
I can’t sign here now (he-he, sorry), how it was some years ago for more seriously vulnerability for all Windows ;)
Happy New Year, guys, and good luck!
P.S. BTW, we are closing soon. Not because of your work. :-))
So, you will not see some of my great ;) ideas in that family of software.
Try to search in exploits/shellcodes and rootkits.
Also, it is funny (probably for you), but Microsoft offered me a job to help improve some of Vista’s protection. It’s not interesting for me, just a life’s irony. “

Microsoft’s researchers are doing their best to minimize the damage caused by the Zlob Trojan. Just don’t let it interrupt my Windows 7 beta, Microsoft.