Muse Research unleashes the Receptor 2 for me!

9The Receptor is a rack mounted computer that will let you use software plugins on stage. Muse Research recently released the Receptor 2 with more power and less latency. The only drawback is that it costs too much. 2600$ for the smaller one, is quite a lot of money and the Receptor 2 Pro Max will cost you 3200$. That costs more than a Nord Modular, and a Nord Modular looks very, very sexy. Sexier than a computer in a rack. 

  • Dual-Core processors with tons of L2 Cache… 2.53Ghz in the PRO, 3.0Ghz in the PRO MAX.
  • Massive, ultra-fast SATA –2 Hard Drives – 500GB in the Pro and 1TB in the PRO MAX.
  • Gigabit Ethernet port for file transfers that are 10X faster as well as improved UniWire performance.
  • Certified, high performance 800Mhz RAM – a whopping 4 GB!
  • Quiet and efficient power supplynew cooling solution, and an E-SATA port for drive expansion!
  • Hundreds of presets drawing from the USB Plugsound BOX collection of six plugins… and the possibility of creating thousands more quickly and easily!
  • And… an ENTIRELY UPDATED version of Muse Machine software foundation that promises better compatibility and efficiency than every before!