One of those analysts predicts a $100 price drop for PS3 in April


Would you pay $299 for a PS3? You may soon be able to, if we’re to believe a certain “veteran” Wedbush Morgan analyst.

Michael Pachter has predicted that the 80GB PS3 will drop to $299 in April, a full $100 less than its current price. This, despite the fact that Sony is losing money left and right.

He also sees the Pro Xbox 360 dropping by $50, to $249.

Sony’s in a tough spot. It can lower the price of the PS3 with the hope that it will encourage folks to go out there and buy the system in such number as to offset the additional hit it would take by dropping the price. (Sony already loses money on every system sold; a price cut, outside of a drop in production costs, would only exacerbate this loss.) If it drops the price and sales don’t respond in kind, it could end up being a costly, and pointless, price drop.

So we’ll see. Remember, Sony’s main motivation here is to return to profitability, not “win” some imaginary “console war” against Microsoft.

Photo: Flickr