Review: Thirsty Light

Most of the plants in our house have a death wish. A palm-like thing my wife and I bought a while ago is drying up and this little ficus tree we have thrives outdoors but then dies under our care, only to be resurrected when we take it back outside. Heck, we just killed a cactus. We’re pretty bad.

That’s why I like the Thirsty Light. It’s basically a little stick you put into your plant. When the light flashes, the plant needs water. Sure, it can’t Twitter you but for $9.99 what do you expect?

We currently have the Thirsty Light in a plant in the front room. We stuffed it down about two inches into the earth and gave the plant a drink. Instead of watering on a whim, however, now we only water it when the light is flashing. The plant, it seems, is thriving.

Most interestingly, the Thirsty Light was designed by the same guy who made the PowerSquid, Christopher Hawker. Hawker actually lives in my home town, so it’s great to know that at least someone there is thinking of both our plant and power needs all from the comfort of his perch high above Columbus, Ohio.

Obviously there’s not much to review here: it lights up when the plant is dry. You can move it from plant to plant or leave it in one plant. There is even a little on/off switch on the back. Sure it’s not earth-shattering, but when your plant costs a few bucks and you have a few of them, one of these moisture sensing dippers might be just the thing to keep us from failing, again, at nurturing another living being.