Rumor: BlackBerry 8900 pricing revealed

After over 6 months of rumbling around the rumor mill, the T-Mobile-branded BlackBerry 8900 is almost upon us. We’ve got purported release dates (January 19th for corporate users, February 11th for the general public) and we’ve had the specs for ages, so there was really only one thing left: the pricing. ‘Till now, of course.

According to BlackBerryRocks, the 8900 will be priced accordingly:

  • No Contract: $499
  • 2-year contract: $199.99 (After $300 instant rebate)
  • 1-year contract: $249.99 (After $250 instant rebate)

While these prices are said to only reflect pricing for corporate customers, they should be pretty dead-on for the general public outside though the 1-year contract option might not be offered.

[Via BerryReporter]