Inside the design process of Logitech's hot new G-series

We saw the leak, we got the release, and we got the hands-on; Logitech’s new G-series is sexy as hell. Of course, the G15 may be hard to sell and the G9 is pretty much unchanged since I reviewed it, but the G19 is gorgeous and functional. I’m reserving judgment on the headphones, given how many surround sound headsets are coming out soon. I may just have to do a round-up!

If you like Logitech’s style, you’ll love this series of Flickr sets by Design Partners, who put the things together. The molds, prototypes and all that are there for your consumption.

I’m particularly interested in the mouse shapes — there’s a lot of competition between the top mouse makers, and there’s pressure not only to excel ergonomically, but to be original as well. The sketches are fun, as they take concepts that are clearly not possible and whittle them down to something workable.

[via HardOCP]