Motorola lays off 4,000

New to Motorola’s stable of handsets – the Moto DWNSZR. Motorola has just announced it is cutting 4,000 jobs in its handset division.

Motorola will further reduce its workforce in 2009 by approximately 4,000 positions. This reduction will include approximately 3,000 positions associated with the Mobile Devices business and approximately 1,000 positions associated with corporate functions and other business units. The workforce reductions announced today are expected to begin immediately and are incremental to the 3,000 workforce reduction actions previously announced during the fourth quarter of 2008.

Today’s workforce reductions, plus other incremental cost-reduction initiatives, including those announced on December 17, 2008, are expected to result in additional annual cost savings of approximately $700 million in 2009. The savings from these actions, together with the $800 million of savings from other actions announced during the fourth quarter of 2008 are expected to result in aggregate cost savings of $1.5 billion for the Company in 2009.

These cost savings had better bring Moto out of the grave and, as always, totally suck for the folks who are helping Motorola make their targets. As always, this sucks for the folks who actually made the handsets, not the morons who drove this company into the ground.