Nikon raising prices on lenses; buy before Groundhog Day

Looks like we’re going to be seeing price increases of about 10% on Nikon glass come February 1st. Although a reason was not really given (it’s not even confirmed by Nikon yet), it makes sense after prices were raised in other countries. Japanese exports are down and consumer spending is dropping as well; I guess Nikon is thinking that if someone is going to spend $6000 on a lens, they’re probably willing to spend $6600. Plus the dollar is weak, and without price adjustments the US would get too great a bargain compared to the EU and elsewhere (if my econo-sense is correct).

You can view a list here, but the rule of thumb appeared to be about a 10% increase across the board, give or take a bill.

A commenter there who claims to work at Nikon also claims that glass manufacturing sales are down, which translates to higher prices, though which of the factors mentioned has had the greatest effect is anyone’s guess. I’m going to go with “butterfly flapping its wings in Jeff Goldblum’s trailer.”