Now there are third-party Web browsers for iPhone


Hey, iPhone owners! You can now download third-party Web browsers from iTunes. So, if you’re not too keen on Mobile Safari, well, why not give these browsers a shot?

Icognito, as the name implies, allows you to surf the Web without leaving any sort of history. Let’s not kid ourselves: it’s for porn. Go nuts. It’s $1.99.

WebMate implements a “light” version of tabbed browsing. Rather than open each separate link in a new tab, WebMate queues the links. When you’re done reading site one, you merely click (or whatever) and site two pops up. $0.99.

And there’s others, obviously.

So, there. Now people have one less “Apple doesn’t support iPhone app development” bullet in their anti-Apple chamber. Oh, and there’s also fart apps.